Oyster Hiroshima (laden-pearl) by Iria Ashimine on curated-crowd.com

Iria Ashimine

Oyster Hiroshima (laden-pearl)

Limited edition
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The Oyster Hiroshima with laden pearls on the inside is truly unique. The design is never before seen in the jewellery industry, it is a pure...
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Why We Like It

Iria Ashimine’s jewellery are truly one of a kind, with never before seen designs in the industry. Using hand-made resin with fresh water pearls, she...
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What’s The Story

Having studied Architecture and Space Design in University, she uses her knowledge of design and art to create a jewellery brand that is inspired by...
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What You Should Look At

The transparency of her handmade resin combined with the fresh water pearls reflect the elements of light, shadows, wind and water, in turn, creating...
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